domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Plans and Predictions

What will your life be like by the year 2050?
Maybe you will be married with children or you will be a sucessfull profesionist.

What the future may bring will you acccept?

Imagine you go to a fortuneteller and she fortells you that:

You will receive a fortune from an elder uncle,
who will inherit to you all his money when he dies.

Once you receive the money, you will be able to travel all around the world.

Then you will have your own business company.

But what are your long-term plans or goals for the future? Are they similar to the predictions of the fortune teller?

One last questions, what are going to do with your life for the next 10 years?

First, Iam going to finish High School

Then I am going to graduate from College and I am going to be the best professionist ever.