martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Embarrassed moments

Sometimes funny things happen to us, let me tell you a little about my experience:

It happened something similar to me as in the picture below. Last year I won first place in a school contest, there were important people from school, the principle and his assitants, people from the local government so I had to dress up, I had never worn high heels in my life, my mother convinced me to do it, everytime I walked with them I looked like if I were drunk, I balanced from one side to other. I am that kind of girl who is always wearing casual clothes, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. That day I was nervous, the ceremony took place in a big auditorium, full of students and strangers, the time came when I was called to go up to the stage and receive my award but while I was coming down , my ankle twisted and I fell off the stairs, I was wearing a skirt so everybody could see my underware. That was the most embarrassing moment ever!

See the highlighted expressions:while I was coming down the stage, my ankle twisted and I fell off the stairs

this expression refers to a past continuous action, SOMETHING YOU CONTINUE DOING BUT IN AN SPECIFIC TIME IN PAST.

For example:
Just when I came home from school axhausted and starving, all my family was having dinner, so cool!

Now study a structure that will help you to understand more about embarrassing moments

past continuous structure and exercises

Read and watch more embarrassing moments from the next link. Choose the most insteresting or fun ones for you then  report and comment them to the class.

hilarious true ambarrassing stories

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