martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

what is there in your spot?

Talking about existance, we use the structure "there is" for sigular statements or "There are" for plural ones. If we describe a place or a spot we definitely must use these structures.
For example:

In the city where I live, there are a lot of pollution and noise which come mainly from cars. There are a lot of houses because there are a lot of people as well. However there are a lot of tourist attractions to visit, for instance: The government palace, Chapultepec´s castle, Center town, Benito Juárez enclosure, Coyoacán Plaza, just to name a few.

I could mention not only good aspects about my country but also bad ones for instance:

Although there is a cultural diversity of Indian communities

There is still discrimination

Now let´s analyze there is/there are structures.

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