martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010


Let´s review a little about the verb to be. How much do you know about it? you know, this verb "be" is a chameleo

Why? because it changes according to each particular condition, for example,

  • when you talk about your age, you use this verb to refer how old you are: I am 15 years old. ( Tengo 15 años)
  • When want to express your state of mood, you say: I am really hungry ( en verdad tengo mucha hambre)
  • when you want to talk about weather (climate) conditions, you say: It is cold ( I´m freezing) [Hace frío, me estoy congelando]
  • when you describe someone, or even if you want to talk about what you are like, you say: I´m a sensitive and romantic guy [ soy un chico romántico y sensible]
  • When we want to refer to cost or price, we say, how much is it? Oh! It is 5 dollars. ( ¿cuánto cuesta? ah, si! cuesta 5 dólares)

Now check the exercises and try to do them, but firs check the information pages or links to understand much better this "verb to be" topic.